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Pelican International Sports Activities and Organization Services Inc. is the continuation of an international football agency that brings together professionals with at least 20 years of experience.

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We are constantly striving to create a roadmap for talented footballers living in Europe, Asia and Africa with our projects we proudly do.


Management & Marketing

Football management is a specific business management in the modern century. Therefore, it requires particular cadres in this sphere. The first condition is the proper selection of personnel. the lack of personnel is one of the main factors led into the bad management of football clubs in many countries.

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The ability of scouts in choosing a player is restricted by different cases. Of course, the modern scouting networks Wyscout, IncStat have significantly improved the opportunities of this sphere.


The career of football player is quite restricted period of time. You will definitely have a good chance. When you turn around and look back, you grumble about your mistakes.


Together with our players, we are working on the professional offers we receive. If you need a professional partner to support you in your career, we provide all the services you need.

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We bring young and talented athletes to the football clubs of the countries.

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