Football Management

Football management is a specific business management in the modern century. Therefore, it requires particular cadres in this sphere. The first condition is the proper selection of personnel.

However, football is so rapidly developing that there are a few educational centers in the world to keep up with these innovations in their own training systems.

As a result, the lack of personnel is one of the main factors led into the bad management of football clubs in many countries.


We are ready to choose a convenient and suitable way for you.


The qualified personnel of the Pelican Sports Club provide timely services for the development and modernization of the management system of football clubs. Our qualified personnel provide a new management project and plan for your club between 1-3 years.


We can send our personnel to your club as a project manager and instruct the local staff during the trainings lasting to 3-6 monthes or simply certificate your staff conducting theoretical training in our headquarters.

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prıvate football academıes


The management criterion is not just for clubs in football. We have projects for the modernization and restructuring of private football academies. We create Scout Laboratories for you. We guarantee that your players are regularly monitored by more than 300 clubs and academies around the world.


Football clubs as well as football institutions are developing with profitable growth as other entities in the modern business world. The good financial resources improve the quality, management opportunities and of course  brand value of football organization. The proper management of brand value is a significant issue.

Thousands of football institutions failed due to the financial problems. There are thousands of football clubs with a short history.

The main solution of these problems depends on the proper performance of modern football marketing.


Our experienced  specialists can help your football club in self-financing.


We can investigate the region where your club is playing.


We plan to develop the brand value of the club in accordance with the region’s business environment.


We provide the local advertising and financial resources


We plan to increase the value of an international brand.


We launch an international financial resource program.


The opportunities are always somewhere around you.

Our agency cooperates with the experienced economists who  are aware of the business environment of different countries. Our team of experts on the international rating market is responsible for ensuring that all materials on economic monitoring bring a profit on football criteria.

We have concrete obligations in the deals signed by us in the realization of presented projects.

We believe that we will see the same self-confidence in you as well.

We have overstepped the boundaries of “impossibility” in football marketing, and we do not know any border!