The priority of each football club is to get good players on time under appropriate conditions. “Scouts” are a category of selectors licensed by international football organizations. You may have a good scout team. But take into account that there is a limitation in their choices as well.

Also, the ability of scouts in choosing a player is restricted by different cases. Of course, the modern scouting networks Wyscout, IncStat have significantly improved the opportunities of this sphere.

Unfortunately, these factors do not eliminate the wrong choice of club coaches yet. Of course, a man makes mistake and will make. But, when these mistakes are characterized by a series of cases then a football club leads to the loss of sports results and serious material losses.

How should a proper scouting process be carried out?

What are the main criteria that scouts should pay attention to?

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Lectures are provided on these issues at regular trainings organized by Pelican Sports Club. We also offer the same service particularly to different clubs. As you know, scouting should be observe in football academies and footballer training centers. The selection of young talents is a more complicated process than the selection of professional players. This is a delicate, but important difference between the present and prospective potential.

If you want to have a serious Scout Laboratory for your main team and children`s football academy, then, please apply. At the same time, we share our scout network with football clubs and provide them approximately 500 players.

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The career of football player is quite restricted period of time. You will definitely have a good chance. When you turn around and look back, you grumble about your mistakes.

It would be better if I did not transfer to that club
If I did not work with this agent
If I did not give interview with this media

Because the minimizing of “if”s is an issue related to professional career planning, we work with our footballers.

We work with our footballers!

Today, the football player’s hairstyle, dress and even the tweet he has made are very important. Each of these factors may be major turning point in his career. It does not matter details or major aspects of his career, the football player should believe in specialists.

He should confide in experts who market his potential and protect his rights.

The development of footballer’s career is managed. If you want to get acquainted with people who manage it, then please contact us.

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We are a company that plays a role in transferring players at different levels every season. And we do not share any information about it. If a player changes his team, he perceives it as a new beginning and we work for everything to develop at a higher level for him. we think we are.

There are hundreds of agencies that can find you a new club and share your transfer by taking a commission and taking photos.

Together with our players, we are working on the professional offers we receive. If you need a professional partner to support you in your career, we provide all the services you need.

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We are the guarantor of all the agreements our football players have signed with different clubs from all over the world!


Together with our lawyers licensed by FIFA and other international football organizations, we offer free service to our players if their rights are sought with Football Federations or Sports Arbitration Court.


We currently have a network of FIFA player representatives working directly with more than 200 football clubs.